Faith-Based Speaker

faith based speakerDavid is a spiritual person whose re-found faith was central in turning despair and negativity into acceptance, productivity, and happiness. Delving deeper into his spirituality, Dave is now pursuing graduate studies in theology and is discerning a religious vocation that would incorporate his current love of teaching.

In concert with his life experiences, Dave’s aspirations and advanced studies position him perfectly to speak to many groups who seek a faith-based speaker imparting novel food for thought. David customizes talks on requested topics for many youth and adult groups, including:

  • Teen Church groups
  • Catholic school assemblies
  • Religion classes
  • High school or youth retreats
  • Classes for Confirmation candidates
  • Church club gatherings
  • Lenten assemblies
  • Adult retreats (Men and Women’s Clubs)

Samples of such talks include Faith 2.0; Utilizing your Spiritual Gifts; Made for Greatness; The Role of the Holy Spirit; My Journey…My Faith

The following quote is a sample of the impact David’s presentation had on a middle-school student:
“Dear Mr. Petrovic
I would like to Thank you for coming to our school and teaching us Life lessons So we can better ourselves as a good Christian. When you talk about the lunch Savior This inspired me to sit with new people at lunch to better myself as a Christian. I will rember The Lunch Savior so when somones Lonely or by themselves…I will also remeber when I wear the petro power braclet we will be kind to everyone. that will change my life…will be kind to others.”