“David has an ability to educate audiences in a most engaging and animated manner. He is a truly outstanding speaker with a clear message and voice that needs to be heard. My students were riveted and genuinely moved by his talk. I recommend him most highly as an orator who can truly connect with college audiences about issues that matter. He is a breath of fresh air and will not disappoint.”
–Dr. Tracy Masterson
Associate Professor of Psychological Science
John Carroll University

“David’s TED talk is simply incredible. To go from a non-verbal 2 year old to an articulate and persuasive young man is truly inspiring. It teaches us that nothing is impossible. I truly share in your pride in David and his amazing journey.”
–Steven E. Nissen MD MACC
Former Chairman, Department of Cardiovascular Medicine
Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Professor of Medicine
Cleveland Clinic Lerner School of Medicine
at Case Western Reserve University

“I have often said that my greatest and most appreciated teachers are individuals living with Autism… Tonight was no exception. I had the opportunity to listen to an incredible mother/son team who authored a book I’m eager to read. Thanks for reminding me why I love what I do…and why I do it! Your inspirational story of trial and triumph touched my heart and soul.”
–Colleen Shinn
Manager, Community Outreach-Midwest
Autism Speaks
January 20, 2016

“When you meet David and listen to him speak, you wouldn’t necessarily pick up on the adversity he’s overcome. Instead, you are transported to a state of mind where you can’t help but be inspired to push forward and have faith that everything happens for a reason. His light-hearted delivery has a heavy message. Dave has a gift of speaking positively about negative things…He has taught me several valuable life lessons.”
-Nick Formica,
Notre Dame College Director of Alumni Relations & Annual Fund

“David’s presentation was moving, powerful and humbling. I truly recommend this to any school and/ or business to understand differences and embrace them. David is a true inspiration; he gives a glimpse into a child or young adult working through their differences and finding their gift.”
–Tawnia Novak,
Total Education Solutions Ohio

“Expect a Miracle” chronicles the life of a young man with Autism from the toddler years through the beginning of his career as a middle school teacher. The reader is swept into the world of David Petrovic and his family, experiencing through their journey the challenges and successes of life and learning on the Autism spectrum.  Whether you know very little about Autism or are an expert in the field, reading this book is not only inspirational, but imparts a critical understanding of what it is like to walk in the path of an individual with Autism. In addition to the hope it inspires, this work also details the practical steps and strategies that this family took to help their son realize his fullest potential and find happiness.  Individuals with Autism, families, and professionals alike will find this an invaluable read.

-Beth Anne Martin, Ph.D.

Clinical Child Psychologist

Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital

Clinical Assistant Professor

Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine

Case Western Reserve University


“Despite my formal training and experience, it is most certainly different when it is your own child. You can suddenly feel like you don’t know anything. In the short time that I have been navigating this world of autism I have, like all parents do, read many books on the subject…I of course appreciated the “lessons learned,” the tips and strategies in Expect a Miracle; but I think what this book provided for me more than anything was hope. Hope that my two sons could someday achieve what David has achieved. Thus, I not only recommend this book to professionals as a rare opportunity to see inside the world of a family and individual living with autism, but also to parents, particularly those new to ASD. For if you are like me you will find yourself relating to the challenges, and celebrating the joys and milestones described throughout Sandy and David’s journey.”

–Dr. Katie Krammer, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Special Education
Lake Erie College

“I have had the pleasure of seeing David speak to several different audiences. In each situation, David captured the audience’s attention and had them laughing, crying, and wanting to learn more from him and his experiences. David is direct, funny, serious, and humble. His knowledge of Asperger’s and expertise in the area of living a “full life” with Asperger’s is beneficial and inspiring to any audience. He moves through his presentations efficiently with ease and confidence.”

“I arranged for David to speak to a group of teachers, Intervention Specialists, school psychologists, and tutors where David shared his personal experiences…One teacher said…“This was the best meeting I’ve ever been to!” I heard David speak to a class of 6th graders…One of my students came up to me afterwards with tears in her eyes and said, “I am so glad David taught us today about bullying. From now on, I’m going to be kind to every new student in our school no matter what!”

“David does not try to be anyone else but himself. He is accepting of himself and happy. He is a great example for others who are struggling with any kind of difficulty in their lives. His personal stories reach more than just one particular audience… what a blessing it is for audiences to see and hear what life is really like, from a person like David, who has experienced so much and has come so far living with Asperger’s.”
–Debbie Mulhall,
McKeon Education Group

Comments from students @ Lake Erie College after hearing David speak in their Child Psychology class:

“…I had a preconceived idea that David may have trouble speaking, however he proceeded to give the best presentation I have witnessed thus far at Lake Erie College…”
–C. A.

“David’s oral presentation was truly inspiring…I was surprised at the strength of the message he gave to us…David and his mother both exhibited such hard work and determination it made me feel as though I could achieve anything and what is better than a lesson like that?”
–K. S.

“…his story inspired me to do better with my life. He does not let his Autism stop him in any way and he is set out to live a fulfilling successful life. When school is challenging I just want to give up and go back to bed, but David did not just give up with the dozens of struggles he faced…”