About Us

David and Sandy strive to help others by sharing their life experiences via “Expect a Miracle” and public speaking. They seek to break barriers and stereotypes.

Their mission: to enlighten the world about the realities and potentials of those with differences in order to foster understanding and embracement.

David Petrovic, BA, MAT graduated cum laude in 2015 from Notre Dame College in South Euclid, Ohio. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Middle Childhood Education with concentrations in social studies and language arts. In 2020, David completed a Master of Arts in Theology with a Pastoral Theology specialization from St. Joseph’s College of Maine. He is currently employed as a full-time junior high teacher at a Catholic elementary school in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio and is further considering a vocation within the Catholic clergy.

David has become a national speaker (including a TEDx presentation) and contributes to various magazines, blogs, interviews, and media outlets. He is a proud member of the elite Catholic Speakers Organization. CatholicSpeakers.com  https://catholicspeakers.com/profiles/david-petrovic.

Sandy Petrovic, RN, BSN holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. She has over twenty years of cardiac/critical care experience and an additional ten in diabetes education. In a twist of fate, she is now an instructional advisor at the same college center that honed David’s skills (THRIVE Learning Center, formerly called the Academic Support Center). Sandy has combined her passions of nursing and student coaching to tutor undergraduates who have learning differences.

Sandy speaks publicly with David at select events. They contribute articles to various blogs and magazines, such as Autism Parenting Magazine, Autism Advocate Parenting Magazine, and Exceptional Needs Today Magazine. The pair was also interviewed for a feature article in Ability Magazine.

Sandy served as a co-chair of the acclaimed National Milestones Autism Conference from 2017 to 2020. That evolved into her current position on the Milestones Executive Conference Committee. Parents of three sons, she and her husband, Frank, reside in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. 

*Photo by Sharon Holy -https://www.sharonholyphotography.com/