Expect a Miracle!

David Petrovic is an author, teacher, national speaker and actor. He has powered through challenges and bullying, and his inspirational speaking events and mentorship have helped others do the same.

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David is a proud member of the elite Catholic Speakers Organization.
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Breaking Free

David Petrovic’s passion lies in presenting to teens on the topic of acceptance, with a focus on the effects of bullying. This talk uses his personal story of growing up with autism and Tourette’s and how he turned differences into strengths. A mindset like this, he suggests, can set us all free.

Expect a Miracle

Co-authored from the separate viewpoints of both a twenty-year-old young man on  the autism spectrum and his mother, this work makes it possible to experience life from the perspective of a person with Asperger’s, thus enabling its intricate understanding. A unique case study, the book chronicles David’s life from birth until successful and fulfilled college living.

Credit: Jerry Hayes, Shoot for he Moon Video Production  www.shootforthemoonvideo.com

David Petrovic: Enabled by Autism

David is a teacher, author, and motivational speaker who is on the autism spectrum. This clip demonstrates his versatility in speaking to a variety of audiences that range from professionals to youth. David has contributed to blogs, magazines, interviews, and other media outlets.